iPad 5 shell shows thinner case compared to iPad 4

iPad 5 shell constructed from leaked components

A leaker-constructed shell of the fifth-generation iPad appears to show the best idea yet of what Apple’s new tablet might look like.

The case, built by Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, combines components claimed to be that of the iPad 5. Dickson’s images show the shell sat on top of and beside the iPad 4, showing a thinner surrounding bezel and speaker design similar to that of the iPad Mini. If accurate, the shell’s design aligns with previous rumours that the iPad 5 would take inspiration from the Mini to shrink its form factor.

The case also appears to slant less on its edges than its predecessor, seeming to adopt a shape more like the first-generation iPad.

Missing from the assembled case is the plastic insert used to hold previous iPad iterations’ radio antennae, which was featured on leaked parts earlier this year.

The iPad 5 may be among the devices revealed tomorrow at Apple’s conference. For all of the rumours and details about the iPad 5 that, if it’s revealed, will be validated or rubbished, visit here.

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