DJ Armin Van Buuren demonstrated the app-based mixing deck

Philips announces ‘future-proof’ ultra-HD TV, speakers, headphones and DJ mixing system

Philips has revealed its new 9000-series ultra-HD smart TV range, alongside new wireless speakers and headphones during its conference at IFA.

The 9000-series was revealed as the next step in Philips’ “heritage of picture quality”, with the 65 and 85-inch models supporting upscaling of existing content to ultra-HD resolutions, to combat “limited native ultra-HD content”.

Also present on the 9000-series is Philips’ Ambilight, and cloud-based smart TV features, some of which which Philips stated would extend into operating in a similar manner to a games console. Calling the sets “future-proof”, Philips then revealed that the TV had been voted the best ultra-HD TV of the year by EISA.

Philips cited the growth of ‘smart’ TV sets as a factor in the 9000-series, stating that smart TV users had doubled worldwide, even multiplying by four to six times in some areas, and that half of smart TVs are used to access smart TV content.

Philips ended the section by saying that the 9000-series is available now, at a price of €4999 (£4222) for the smaller 65-inch model.

Following up its visual offerings, Philips outlined new wireless speakers, including ‘The Dot’, a splash-proof singular speaker.

Also showcased were the Fidelio SoundSphere DesignLine speakers, which apparently perfect acoustic audio, and the Fidelio E5 sound system for home cinemas, detachable wireless 5.1 speakers, which Philips compared to a “modern piece of art.”

Philips’ existing soundbar line was spoken of too, having been awarded the EISA award for Home Theatre Innovation.

Scaling down from speakers, Philips revealed its Fidelio L2 headphones, which improve on the original model by using lighter materials, improving sound and having a redesigned headband. Also shown off were wireless headphones.

Special guest Armin Van Buuren, “the world’s number one DJ”, appeared on-stage to demonstrate Philip’s final device – the M1X-DJ sound system, which uses app-based mixing controls in combination with “really loud” speakers.

Van Burren explained that the system is designed to be portable, “so you can take it to the beach,” before giving a short tutorial on how to mix tracks together using the M1X-DJ.

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