The social media website is considering a $15 billion float early next year

Twitter set to float in 2014

Twitter is considering a $15 billion (£9.6 billion) float in early 2014, the Express reports.

The company, founded in 2006 by entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, is said to be in talks with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley about making the move next year in order to fund growth.

Based in San Francisco, Twitter has approximately 500 million users, but has suffered criticism in recent years due to threats transmitted over the social media site. Offensive tweets in the past have even led to court cases and arrests, perhaps most noticeably after the 2011 London riots, where some users had tweeted messaged inciting others to join in, and others posted images of their stolen goods.

Twitter’s fellow social media behemoth Facebook floated on the stock exchange last year, after it was valued at $104 billion – the largest ever value for a tech company. At the time of trading, Facebook’s shares were priced at $38 each.

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