Images and details concerning Samsung’s anticipated smartwatch appear online

Samsung Galaxy Gear images, in-depth details leaked

Images said to show a prototype version of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch have appeared online alongside detailed specifications.

Following the device’s official announcement last week, the images, taken from a third-party promotional video, and specifications hosted on VentureBeat claim to be that of a prototype version of the Galaxy Gear, which was sent to developers and select partners.

Aligning with previous rumours, the photos show the watch with a square screen, measuring roughly three inches diagonally. Also matching previous rumours is the use of an OLED display.

VentureBeat, which claims to have used the watch, notes the Galaxy Gears’ chunkiness. It connects via Bluetooth to Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones, but may also support all Android devices. Also present is Wi-Fi, for internet and email capability without the need for a phone.

A four-megapixel camera is incorporated in the Gear’s strap, with speakers similarly hidden in its clasp. Venture Beat claims that the camera can gather health data –by photographing food, for example – and tag it with necessary labels such as “fat” or “grains”.

Other features noted in the reveal include Samsung S Voice for voice commands, preloaded health and social media apps, the use of swipe motions to access apps, photos and camera functionality, call logs, internet access including social media integration such as sharing, a side-mounted power button and a battery life of over ten hours.

The images and details are yet to be validated, but will be quickly proved true or false in a matter of days as Samsung builds up to the Galaxy Gear’s official reveal on September 4th.

Image courtesey of Venture Beat

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