The affliction was first identified five years ago

Fear of phone loss ‘Nomophobia’ spreads to over half of UK

Nomophobia – the fear of being without a phone – now affects over 54 per cent of the UK population, according to research.

The study commissioned by AppRiver, which looked at 1,000 employed individuals, also found that the affliction, which was first identified five years ago, is 17 per cent more likely to affect women than men.

Even while on holiday, 42 per cent of people will take their device to the beach with them, to avoid leaving it at home, and 28 per cent of people – more likely to be male than female – still check work emails while away.

Meanwhile, a quarter of those studied email or text while on a dinner date, with women ten per cent more likely to do so. The problem extends into the bedroom too, with almost a fifth – 17 per cent – checking their mobile while in bed.

Despite over half of the UK being mobile-loving Nomophobes, only half of the population use a password or security to protect their beloved device. 70 per cent also lack a way to wipe their phone remotely if it were ever stolen.

Speaking to Comms Dealer, Fred Touchette, senior security analyst at AppRiver, said: “With so much information stored on them – from confidential office documents, contact details, emails, photos, bank log-ins, etc, when these devices get lost or stolen and end up in the wrong hands the information is so easily exploited as little to any security precautions are taken.”

"Our advice is always to protect your phone with security – at the very least with a password, and if you’re using it for work get your IT department to secure them with encryption or even better the ability to wipe them remotely."

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