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2DS foregoes the clamshell design of previous DS and 3DS models

Nintendo ditches 3D with new 2DS budget handheld console

Nintendo will release a new ‘2DS’ console in October, which drops the 3D capability of the 3DS and boasts a lower price.

Launching for £109.99 on October 12th, the 2DS copies the 3DS’ two-tone colour scheme design, arriving in red-and-white or black-and-blue – both of which include a 4GB SD card. Also present are the 3DS’ three and three-and-a-half-inch displays, and its analog pad.

Unlike the 3DS, however, the 2DS doesn’t sport the folding clamshell design that the original DS also used. Instead, the 2DS is a flat slightly-angled wedge shape, which tapers off towards its bottom.

Nintendo says that the 2DS will play “almost all” existing 3DS and DS games, albeit in 2D. Game Boy Advance accessory-reliant games are off the table, as the 2DS’ new physical form won’t support their use.

Nintendo says the lower price will target entry-level gamer kids.

See the announcement trailer for the 2DS below:

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