Microsoft is giving all its team members a free ‘unique’ white Xbox One on launch day

Xbox One ‘Special Edition White’ free for Microsoft employees

A white special edition of the Xbox One is free for Microsoft team members, with the colour currently unavailable to the public.

IGN, citing its sources, has revealed the extremely limited edition of the console. The white Xbox One, being offered for free to Microsoft team members this November alongside the release of the black version to the public, is said to be ‘unique for Microsoft’s team’.

The ‘Special Edition White’ colour scheme, which features black highlights and applies to the included controller too, is currently unannounced for the consumer-release Xbox One, with no response from Microsoft on whether it will ever be available.

The colour isn’t the only thing that differentiates the team member Xbox One from the standard box either, with ‘I MADE THIS’ etched next to the bluray disc drive.

Also included is a year of Xbox Live, “all 1P games”, a standard black Kinect (which is included with every Xbox One) and an achievement (possibly the same achievement offered to public launch-day buyers, or maybe an exclusive ‘staff-only’ achievement).

The white Xbox One looks gorgeous, and it would be very surprising if the colour didn’t eventually make its way to public availability. For the moment however, with no information from Microsoft, if you want the white edition, you’re likely to be out of luck.

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