Ultra-HD video capture and 24-bit audio rumoured for Samsung’s smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Note III 4K camera and 24-bit audio rumoured

A Korean website has claimed that the Samsung Galaxy Note III will feature 4K video recording and 24-bit audio.

On the website of the Korea Economic Daily, the author of the article claims that Samsung will next month announce the Galaxy Note III.

They continue to say that the smartphone will be the first ever to feature 4K (3840x2160p) Ultra-HD recording, a double-bump up from the full-HD (1920x1080p) recording of the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s own Galaxy S4.

To match the rumoured jump in video quality, the audio of the phone is also apparently getting a boost. The phone is said to feature high-quality 24-bit audio technology, matching LG’s G2 and outdoing Samsung’s previous Galaxy smartphones, which have all featured 16-bit audio.

The author attributes the inclusion of 4K recording as due to the ‘new buzzword in the TV market’. With Samsung itself offering 4K sets, it seems entirely plausible that the company would use 4K recording on a new phone to push 4K TV sales.

The Galaxy Note III is set to be announced alongside the anticipated wearable smartwatch from Samsung, the Galaxy Gear, on September 4th.

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