YouTube video shows iPhone 5C being subjected to scratch tests, while separate rumours place the price of Apple’s budget iPhone at £230

VIDEO: iPhone 5C caught on camera, price rumoured

A video of Apple’s budget model iPhone 5C has appeared on YouTube, while separate rumours have placed the iPhone 5C’s price at £230.

The video titled ‘iPhone 5C rear shell scratch test’, which you can view below, shows an iPhone with a back similar to previously leaked photos of the iPhone 5C.

The phone is placed inside a bag with keys and coins, in order to simulate an owner’s pocket, before being shaken around.

Emerging seemingly unscathed from the bag, the iPhone is then rubbed with a set of keys.

The iPhone’s back is shown close-up after the tests, twisting to reveal any scratches or dents, but the rear shell appears to be completely untouched.

In separate rumours, the 5C’s price has been rumoured by analysts. Website Know Your Mobile has posted statements from KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo, who also claims that the 5C will probably replace the existing iPhone 5, with the iPhone 4S’ cost dropping to cater to a budget market, while the iPhone 4 may disappear alongside the 5 due to its incompatibility with iOS7. Despite this prediction from Kuo, however, Apple states on its iOS7 website that the iPhone 4 will be supported.

Concerning the price of the 5C, Kuo suggests that the phone will sit in the mid-range of the market, with his company estimating the price to be between $400 and $500, which would make the British cost between £230 and £320.

Kuo also places the as-yet unannounced release date of the 5C to be October in China, with the rest of world following later this year.

If accurate, the dates would place the phone’s launch much later than current rumours, which instead schedule both the iPhone 5C and 5S for release on September 20th.

View the iPhone 5C being subjected to scratch tests here:

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