All the info you need on Grand Theft Auto 5 – Rockstar’s forthcoming car-jacking smash hit in waiting

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The GTA series has been about the most popular video gaming franchise in history. The original Grand Theft Auto started out on the PC and PSOne in 1997, and has since spawned many spin offs and sequels. All of which feature to some extent car jacking, sandbox (or the freedom to run around the game world as you please), and guns. Lots of guns.

GTA 5 release date

GTA 5 is set for release on September 17th on PS3 and Xbox 360.

It was initially widely expected that the PC version would come significantly later, perhaps early 2014. However Nvidia recently stated in an earnings call that Grand Theft Auto V will be released for PC this autumn (fall for American readers).

There is no word as yet as to whether GTA 5 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

GTA 5 multiplayer

Rockstar has released a video detailing a multiplayer version of GTA called Grand Theft Auto Online.

Technically this is a standalone game, but it will be given away with GTA 5. It will be available on its own on October 1st.

Watch it in full below for all the details below:

GTA 5 gameplay

GTA V is set in a made up place South Californian city called of Los Santos. It seems to essentially be a parody of Los Angeles of sorts, much like Liberty City was supposed to be New York.

GTA games have always seen you either follow a set of missions, such as stealing a car, chasing a car, getting into mob tear ups or a a million other things, and exploring the sandbox world with abandon.

It’s not unfair to say that this exploring usually ends up involving a gun or a car chase too – but in the gaming world there’s not much to touch it in terms of virtual freedom. Want to spend an hour tearing around in a helicopter? Cruising downtown in a sports car? Enjoying a rocket launcher from the top of a building? Well, you can. 

GTA 5 trailers

A number of trailers introducing the characters and showcasing the gameplay have been released by Rockstar, which you can see below.

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