Google supposedly hopes to rent 6,000 square feet of space in each store in the US

Google Glass launching in Best Buy stores in 2014?

Google Glass – Google’s tech glasses that can take pictures and record videos – could be launching in Best Buy stores next year in the US.

Google Glass user Robert Scoble heard the rumour, as reported by Digital Trends. Scoble claims Google will rent 6,000 square feet inside every Best Buy store next year to sell Google Glass. 

"This makes sense, since you really need to try Glass before buying it to see if it’s for you, and you also need to have it fitted to your face," he said.

"And, if you are like me and need prescription lenses you’ll need all that taken care of too before you can order yours."

Google has previously stated it is planning to launch Glass in 2014. Whether the product will launch exclusively with Best Buy or not, however, remains to be seen.

Best Buy already sells Google Chromecast and Google Nexus 7 tablets in its US stores.

Best Buy UK ceased trading in early 2012 due to poor sales performances. Best Buy in the US has just reported a profit of $266 million (£170 million) during Q2 2013.

A third of UK shoppers say they’d use Google Glass in retail stores.

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