Pre-sales of Rome 2 have already grown to six times that of Total War: Shogun 2

Rome 2 is most pre-ordered title in the Total War series

Rome 2 has become the most pre-ordered title in the Total War series to date.

Publisher Sega has revealed that pre-sales of the title have already grown to six times of that achieved by the series’ 2011 predecessor Total War: Shogun 2.

“Our expectations for Total War: Rome II are extremely high. It is already our fastest pre-ordered Total War game of all time,” said Sega product manager Sam Sadeghi.

He added: “Creative Assembly is all hands on deck finishing up Total War: Rome II and making it the best game it can be. We are working hard on driving awareness and marketing the product. We hope retail can see this and get behind the product to help make it a success sales-wise.”

Sega recently detailed its Total War: Rome 2 marketing campaign, revealing a host of activity to push pre-orders.

Check out our hands-on preview of Total War: Rome 2 here.

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