Only 53 per cent of IT workers are proud to work in their profession

Nearly half of UK IT staff embarrassed about their job

New research from Randstad technologies reveals that tech professional have among the lowest levels of professional pride in the UK.

Only 53 per cent of IT workers said they feel proud to work in their profession. Retail workers were even more embarrassed, with only 46 per cent saying they were proud of their job.

The results revealed that in most sectors where the level of professional pride was below the national average, employees spent fewer hours at work.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, explained: “No one wants to go to work each day without feeling proud of their careers – and the research proves that employees who fall into this category often spend less time each week at work. A good sense of professional pride isn’t just good for employees – it’s good for business.”

In a survey of over 2,000 British workers, it turns out those working in insurance felt the most proud of their profession – a whopping 90 per sent in fact.

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