Rapper Neno Best sold almost $160,000 of illegal weapons, was arrested after Instagram boasts

Instagram photo boasts lead to biggest-ever NYC gun bust

Aspiring rapper Neno Best is among a group of 19 people charged with selling nearly $160,000 of illegal weapons in New York.

Best, 26, whose real first name is Matthew, was investigated by an undercover NYPD detective after the rapper posted images of large quantities of money on Instagram, captioning one photo ‘Brown bag it’.

Other photos and videos, most of which have now been deleted, included shots of a variety of guns. One of the guns shared on Instagram was a Luger pistol, with Best commenting underneath ‘This old ass gun lol a hundred years old lol’. Neno also attached details to the images saying that he was selling weapons out of his Ocean Hill recording studio.

Having been referred onto the case by the NYPD narcotics investigators who spotted the online posts, the anonymous single undercover cop spent a year buying several of the firearms from Best and one of his accomplices, discovering a gun trafficking ring that spread across several states.

Best and his partner, Omole Adedji, were revealed to be selling the guns at almost triple the price they were paying their suppliers, Walter Walker and Earl Campbell. Walker and Campbell are accused of gun running weapons from the south US up to New York. Campbell was recorded using a wiretap describing the difficulty in taking weapons to Brooklyn, due to the city’s ‘stop-and-frisk’ laws.

The bust, the biggest-ever seisure in NYC history, included a staggering 243 handguns, nine rifles and two shotguns, 36 of which had been reported stolen.

More details are available in the NYPD’s online press release.

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