Google Helpouts to allow users to charge for support

Google Helpouts offers cash-for-help video chat

A website has popped from Google for ‘Helpouts’, a video chatting service that allows people to provide support to others, even for a fee.

The service, which is yet to launch, lets anybody with a Google+ account sign up to either receive or offer help, giving those who provide support the chance to charge for their time.

Details on the Google Helpouts support page outline a 20% cut that goes to Google, with the remainder of the fee going to the helper via Google Wallet. For helpees who find themselves unsatisfied, or still requiring help, Google is also offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Helpouts’ chat appears to be based on the Google+ Hangouts feature, and is said to be compatible with desktop browsers, iOS and Android, so that you can feasibly receive help anywhere you need it.

With categories for Heath & Counselling, Cooking and Education and Art & Music among others, Hangouts could offer a great way to get help with things such as learning a new language, successfully baking a soufflé or living a healthier lifestyle.

The service includes the chance to design Helpout sessions in a scheduled set like a course, provide details of necessary preparation or make a short video advertising your services. With the ability to validate qualifications like medical certificates, Google seems to be dedicating itself to high-quality offerings from eligible helpers.

If you’d like to help others out, or be helped yourself, you can request an invite from the Google Helpouts page.

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