Samsung’s much-rumoured smartwatch has been fleshed out somewhat

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch release date and specs detailed

The Samsung Galaxy Gear – the tech giant’s supposed upcoming gizmo extraordinaire – has had its features fleshed out somewhat, according to multiple sources speaking to Gigaom.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has been confirmed by Samsung – with a stream of leaks preceding the smartwatch’s September 4th press event.

Take it as a given that the following is according to unnamed sources, as opposed to confirmed information, unless explicitly stated:

Samsung Galaxy Gear release date

There will be a launch event on September 4th in both New York and Berlin, with the possibility of a pop up stand in Times square to flog the devices. (This has now been confirmed by Samsung mobile executive vice-president Lee Young-hee.)

Samsung Galaxy Gear specs

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will have a square screen with a high quality OLED displays, and will be 2.5 inches in diameter.

It will have a dual core processor, and a ‘pretty decent’ battery life (whatever that means).

There will be a camera integrated into the strap, built in speakers, NFC, and Bluetooth LE connectivity.

A movement sensing accelerometer will allow it to be switched on simply by moving it towards the face.

Touch, swipe and other gesture controls will also feature.

The Gear’s screen will be "non-flexible," confirms Lee Young-hee.

Galaxy Gear smartwatch apps

It will be based on Android 4.1 and 4.2 – and there will be tight integration with smartphones and tablets – the Samsung Galaxy range.

The example given is swiping through notifications on the watch, pausing at an important email – then picking up a heftier device such as your Samsung Galaxy Tab and reading the mail in full.

There will also be Twitter and Facebook integration as standard, and a special watch manager app

Apparently the apps will be acquired through the Samsung App store, not through Google Play. What this will mean is you’d need a Samsung smartphone or tab to use it at all.

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