New Roamio TiVo box boasts up to six-channel recording and built-in Wi-Fi for first time

Latest TiVo records up to six channels at once and finally has integrated Wi-Fi

TiVo has released its latest eponymous DVR box, with up to six-channel simultaneous recording and which no longer requires an adapter for Wi-Fi.

The Roamio series TiVo, which starts at $200, also provides ample space for its six-channel recording ability to fill, with up to 450 hours of high-definition available.

For the maximum six-channels and 450 hours though, you’ll have to bump up to the $600 TiVo Roamio Pro, which can also stream TV to iOS devices on the same network.

Between the $200 four-channel, 75 hour, non-streaming “budget” offering and the premium $600 model sits the $400 Plus, which is able to record the full six channels at once and stream to iOS, but drops storage down to 150 HD hours. Gone from the prices is the extra $90 previously required to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter, as all three price levels feature built-in Wi-Fi for the first time.

The Roamio of your choice can now be purchased on TiVo’s website here.

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