Google Glass app Crystal Shopper scans barcodes and displays product information

Crystal Shopper on Google Glass lets you compare shopping prices with a look

A developer has released an app for Google Glass that allows users to scan products, retrieve information and compare prices.

Lance Nanek, who previously developed a face-recognition and medical record app for Glass, posted a video to YouTube this week of his new app, Crystal Shopper.

Crystal Shopper, once installed, can be used to bring up a barcode scanner, similar to those found on smartphones, which blips in product barcodes almost instantaneously as you look at them. The app then pulls data from Amazon, displaying a product information card including star ratings and the product’s range of prices.

The app uses gestures to make viewing and managing the information easy: tilt your head up to save the product for later, or shake your head to clear it and scan something new.

As with many of Glass’ apps, Crystal Shopper has features seen before on smartphones. Despite this, being able to compare prices by just looking at products is more useful and accessible than having to pull out a phone each time.

For current Glass owners and developers, Crystal Shopper can be downloaded here. For everyone else, you’ll have to wait until 2014, when Glass should be released to consumers.

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