New toy range takes inspiration from Trojans, worms and malware

Computer virus dolls: The perfect gift for your least favourite child

The Drew Oliver Company has unveiled a new computer virus-themed cuddly toy collection.

As an adult, the thought of your precious computer being corrupted by a nasty virus is terrifying. However, it may be difficult to stress to your young children just how horrifying malware and Trojans can be.

Fear not, The Drew Oliver Company’s new range can only have been created to teach your youngsters – in the most terrifying way possible – what a worm is.

Why not let your offspring stare into the gaping mouth and dead eyes of a cuddly black blob to understand the true horror of a malevolent program that can spontaneously generate numerous copies of itself.

Each toy comes with its own binary-spelt name tag and helpful pop-up card explaining the nature of the virus – the ideal bedtime story for your least favourite child.

The current collection features a worm, Trojan, virus and malware doll, with a bug, bot and zombie version on the way. Visit The Drew Oliver Company for more info.

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