It is unknown if the owner was using an official charger

HTC One X explodes in Taiwan

An HTC One X smartphone has allegedly caught fire in Taiwan while on charge.

According to the owner, he saw the phone catch fire and start to melt. Luckily, he managed to turn the power off to the phone and was unhurt in the incident.

This isn’t the first time someone has claimed their smartphone has caught fire.

Last year, video footage emerged of an iPhone exploding while in a user’s pocket.

More recently, there are reports that Samsung phones have caught fire in Germany and Dubai.

After a number of recent reports in China that Apple users have been injured by their iPhones, many have put the blame down to faulty chargers. Apple has even started a charger trade-in program in many countries around the world, offering consumers a discount on official chargers when they bring an unofficial one to an Apple store.

Also last year, an Irish Samsung Galaxy S3 user claimed his phone exploded while charging in his car. This actually turned out to be a hoax and the user had microwaved the phone.

It is unknown if the owner of the HTC One X was using an official charger.

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