Chose from 320 clubs from leagues across England, Scotland and Europe

Excalibur to take on Football Manager 2014 with Football Director

Excalibur Publishing is launching Football Director for PC on September 6th – its first football management game.

With Football Manager 2014 set to launch ‘sometime before Christmas’, the two titles will go head-to-head in the second half of this year.

Excalibur’s offering will have an SRP of £9.99 and will let users chose any of the 320 clubs from leagues across England, Scotland and Europe.

Buy and sell players, hire and fire staff, build and train your squad, then call the shots on match day.

With real-time staff messages managers can get information, support and tips from their assistant manager, coach and other club staff to help them lead their club to victory.

Gamers can watch matches in real-time with full control over tactics and substitutions or auto resolve for quick play.

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