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PCR top stories of the week: August 16th, 2013

We take a look at this week’s most talked about stories, including a hands-on preview of Total War: Rome 2 and the news that Starcraft is good for the mind.

Playing Starcraft is good for the mind, study suggests

In what seems to be a continuing emergence of proof that video games can benefit our psychological development, a new research article posted to open-access online science journal PLOS ONE claims that playing RTS games such as the fast-paced sci-fi classic Starcraft could boost players’ cognitive flexibility.

Total War: Rome 2 hands-on preview

Sega’s latest strategy title Total War: Rome 2 made its way to London’s newest gaming bar, MADD/Loading, ahead of its September 3rd release, and PCR was there to learn all about the art of war.

GTA 5 multiplayer, Online, release date, gameplay, consoles, trailer

The GTA series has been about the most popular video gaming franchise in history. The original Grand Theft Auto started out on the PC and PSOne in 1997, and has since spawned many spin offs and sequels. All of which feature to some extent car jacking, sandbox (or the freedom to run around the game world as you please), and guns. Lots of guns.

Sega details Total War Rome 2 marketing campaign

Total War Rome 2 is already the fastest pre-ordered game in the PC strategy franchise – and Sega is ensuring it will be a hit with an above-the-line marketing campaign.

The publisher recently invited games journalists to HBO’s set of TV show Rome – in Rome itself – which has already garnered plenty of positive PR coverage.

Hot Watch turns your hand into a phone

A new type of smart watch that aims to turn a user’s "hand into a phone" is entering production after smashing its funding target.

Hot Watch was seeking $150,000 on Kickstarter but has already amassed more than $370,000 with around a month to go.

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