New images of Apple’s budget iPhone 5C posted on Chinese site Weibo by actor and singer Jimmy Lin

New iPhone 5C images posted online by Taiwanese celebrity

Following apparent leaks of Apple’s unannounced iPhone 5C in the past few days, new images of the budget iPhone model appear to have been posted online by a popular Taiwanese actor and singer.

Jimmy Lin, who is also known for his professional race car driving, posted images of himself holding an iPhone model which closely resembles recently leaked images of the 5C, which is rumoured to be due for announcement next month. Among several differences between the previous images and those posted by Lin on the social media site Weibo, said to be a Chinese equivalent to Twitter, is the presence of typical markings from bodies such as the FCC.

The second of the two images demonstrates the iPhone 5C placed next to what appears to be the existing iPhone 5, showing a similar size and camera placement.

As Lin only shows the back of the phone, it is entirely possible that he has only managed to acquire the previously leaked casing, although with Facebook’s developing focus on celebrity users and Lin’s popularity in Taiwan, where many of Apple’s components are manufactured, the chance remains that the phone is the genuine article.

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