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Calvin Harris’ £30m fortune, tips for reusing Lego, and environmentally friendly clothes – news from around the web

How much did you earn last year? Don’t answer that, it was a crass question. But would you be interested to know how much Calvin Harris pocketed? You would? Well check out Music Week to find out how much the world’s highest paid DJ is worth. Hint: it rhymes with £30 squillion.

What to do with that Lego set once you’ve made it? Melt it down into an uninteresting coloured slab? Upset a bride by rebranding it as blocky confetti? Or go to Rebrickable – a new website that gives instructions on how to reuse your existing Lego pieces to build other things. Check out Toy News for the full story.

Now, we all pay lip service to green issues – but most if us wouldn’t think of environmentally friendly clothes as a ‘thing’. Well, it is – as the fantastically named Whackjob explains to Bike Biz.

There’s an app for everything, and while they can be an incredible educational tool for younglings, there are obviously things you have to be more careful with if that’s your audience. Check out ME’s interview with the BBC on it’s CBeebies app.

TV and films can produce a massive glut of merchandising, from Countdown tea pots to Batman drain cleaner – but how to successfully make the most of them online? Well, check out Realising the potential of film merchandising and licensing on Licensing.biz.

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