Microsoft replaces Syfy as backer of new thirteen-part Blake’s 7 series

Brit sci-fi show Blake’s 7 to be rebooted as Xbox Live exclusive

The Financial Times reports today that Microsoft has replaced the sci-fi dedicated channel Syfy as the backer of a rebooted Blake’s 7.

The original announcement of the new thirteen-part series came last April from Fremantle Media. At the time, Fremantle outlined the show scenario as so: ‘The year is 2136, Blake wakes up on one side of the bed. He reaches for the other side. There’s nobody there. As reality sets in, this handsome ex-soldier sits up, and looks at a photo of his wife Rachel. Beautiful. Deceased.’

The new series is to be written by Joe Pokaski, who has previously produced and written for Heroes and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and directed by Martin Campbell, director of James Bond outings GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

Blake’s 7 was originally broadcast in four series from 1978 to 1981. The popular low-budget space opera was created by Terry Nation, best known as the creator of the Daleks for Doctor Who.

The new series will debut exclusively on Xbox Live, reports the FT. However, any further details such as the cast and release date, and whether the series is to be a direct sequel, are yet to emerge.

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