Scientists successfully generate electricity with urine

Pee Power: new urine-powered smartphone charger a possibility

Scientists this week have revealed that urine can be used to generate enough electricity to partially power a smartphone.

While the technology is almost certainly in its early stages, it could be a glimpse into the future of eco-energy. The only question that really remains is where the charging would take place. While plugs are currently available on trains, airplanes and in public places, it’s hard to imagine many people plugging their phones into public urinals, or carrying around canisters of pee just in case their battery bar begins to blink.

The article, posted at NowThis News, explains that electrical power is generated by bacteria breaking down urine. Urine’s natural pH makes the process viable as a method of creating fuel, with researchers suggesting that power-generating ‘smart toilets’ could begin to appear within just a few years.

Watch the video below from NowThis News and see for yourself:

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