VIP Facebook platform to allow management of cyber fan-mail

Facebook reportedly working on celebrity-exclusive app

Facebook is said to be working on a new app that only celebrities can access, reports AllThingsD.

According to sources, the new app is designed to allow celebrities to manage Facebook posts from fans, giving the celeb a chance to personally reply to any messages.

The app is currently said to be testing among a select group of famous Facebook users, but still remains a project in its early phases. It comes as Facebook attempts to mimic the successful adoption of Twitter by celebrities in order to keep in touch with fans, without being swamped by any unwanted interaction. The announcement isn’t the first move by Facebook to take inspiration from the popular micro-blogging site, having previously integrated support for hashtags into Facebook statuses.

Facebook might wish to tread carefully, however. Despite maintaining a level of separation between celebrities and fans, Twitter hasn’t avoided celebrity controversy. Actor Alec Baldwin deleted his Twitter account back in June after responding to criticism of his wife and those who have targeted people in the public eye have even ended up arrested. If details are to be believed, Facebook hopes to avoid such direct confrontation by allowing any celebrities to just view any relevant commentary and jump in where they see fit, without opening themselves up to direct targeting.

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