App currently only works in on 13 US channels but is expanding daily

Commercial Break app for iOS lets you skip the ads – on TV

A new app for iOS is providing an ad-blocker for real life – by notifying users when their TV programs return after each advert break.

Commercial Break currently supports ten channels in the New York City area, and three more across the US, but support for new channels and areas is being added daily, hopefully to the point where the app will make its way overseas.

The app stops users from missing any of their shows by sending a push notification when it’s time for them to return to the sofa and continue watching. All the user has to do is select within the app which channel they’re watching, get up when the ads start and return when told, freeing up those precious few minutes to go to the bathroom, grab a snack or watch something else.

The app is currently available on both the US and UK App Stores here, but as stated, it only functions in specific areas of the US so far, so don’t expect to be able to dodge those irritating Go Compare ads just yet.

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