But gamers will have to wait until 2014 for new software will be created

Xbox One controller will work on PC

The Xbox One controller will be compatible with PCs – but gamers will have to wait until 2014 before they can use it to control PC games.

Microsoft told Penny Arcade that new software will need to be created and optimised for the PC to allow the Xbox One controller to work via USB.

The company says it will also have to make tweaks to existing games that can already use the Xbox 360 controller, in order to make them compatible with the Xbox One game pad too.

“The Xbox One controller, although it looks similar in many ways, shares no underlying technology with the current Xbox 360 controller,” said a Microsoft rep.

“We know people want to use the Xbox One controller on their PC, and we do too – we expect to have the functionality available in 2014.”

The Xbox One controller has received several design upgrades over the 360 pad, including extra rumble motors that sit within the triggers.

Next-generation games console Xbox One hits UK shelves in November priced at £429. 

Experts recently told PCR that the PC can take on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year.

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