Heavy online advertising aims to deliver over 14 million impressions in the UK

Sega details Total War Rome 2 marketing campaign

Total War Rome 2 is already the fastest pre-ordered game in the PC strategy franchise – and Sega is ensuring it will be a hit with an above-the-line marketing campaign.

The publisher recently invited games journalists to HBO’s set of TV show Rome – in Rome itself – which has already garnered plenty of positive PR coverage.

Developer Creative Assembly’s community team has also been working on a number of YouTube videos, as well as other assets via social media and forums.

In terms of the wider marketing drive, Sega has a host of activity to push pre-orders of Rome 2.

"Our ATL (above-the-line) marketing campaign is focused on hitting the wider strategy and PC gamer through heavy online display and search advertising in order to drive pre-orders, and we are looking to deliver over 14 million impressions in the UK with a variety of specialist media," Sega Europe Product Manager Sam Sadeghi (pictured) told PCR.

"We are also investigating more creative and informative ways of reaching out to the wider audience through a variety of interesting partnerships with broadcast media, which we hope we can share details on in the near future.

"We hope these partnerships can really get Total War out amongst the wider market and educate them that this is an historically accurate triple-A strategy game that they should be keeping an eye on."

Sadeghi says expectations for Rome II are "extremely high".

"PC retailers should be eagerly awaiting the September 3rd release date of Total War: Rome II, it is already our fastest pre-ordering Total War game of all time, and most recently won the Games Critic Award for Best Strategy Game of E3, amongst many other awards from individual media, which we are all extremely proud of," he added.

"Creative Assembly is now all hands on deck finishing up Total War: Rome II and making it the best game it can be, whilst Sega is working hard on driving awareness and marketing the product.

"We hope retail can see this and get behind the product in order to help make it a success sales-wise."

Rome 2 is distributed by CentreSoft in the UK. To order, call 0121 625 2859.

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