Developer describes the game as a mix between 3D Space Invaders and Missile Command

Google Glass shooting game in development

A shooting game for Google Glass is in the works, despite the fact there is no consumer release date for the tech glasses.

Developer Sean McCracken posted a video of the first version of his game PSYCLOPs on Instagram, which shows the Google Glass being used to target and destroy alien spaceships.

McCracken describes the game, which tracks the player’s head and requires them to lock on to virtual spaceships, as a cross between a 3D version of arcade classics Space Invaders and Missile Command.

While the original video is quite difficult to watch, Google+ user Kenji Castro has taken McCracken’s game and streamed it to his HTC One in order to boost the resolution, uploading the improved video onto YouTube.

While the framerate of the game appears unstable in the video, Castro states that such choppiness only comes as a result of streaming the game to his phone, and the game on Glass plays smoothly.

McCracken claims to have received Google Glass by participating in the #ifihadglass competition run by Google, which offered the glasses to anybody who proposed a worthy reason why they should own a pair. The competition has since ended and been replaced by an invitation campaign that allows current owners to invite a single friend to join the program.

While the game is early in its development, McCracken has offered fellow Glass developers a chance to play with the game’s installation files telling those who are interested to email him from his Google+ profile.

Watch Castro’s video of the Google Glass shooting game here:

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