Student discounts don't have to stop once school starts

OPINION: Have yourself a mini little Christmas

The back to school season is upon us. When I was at school that usually meant constantly bugging my parents until they bought me the latest Ren & Stimpy pencil case (yes, I was THAT kid), but these days it is tablets and laptops that students are trying to convince their parents to splash their hard-earned cash on.

While the likes of Amazon and Apple are taking full advantage of the occasion with offers and sales, there is also great opportunity for independent stores to treat the back to school season like a mini Christmas.

This is the perfect time to stick up a poster, sent a tweet or update your Facebook page telling the world that you offer the best student discount.

This month’s Frontline survey revealed that a whopping 80 per cent of retailers surveyed do not offer any kind of student discount. I find this very surprising. At a time when parents and students alike are looking for the best deals on school-friendly laptops and tablets, retailers should be showing off what they can offer, even if it is a temporary student discount.

It can be quite easy to assume that students will just browse through Amazon for the best deals but remember the younger ones whose parents put more trust in the High Street, or university students who are taking specific courses and are looking for advice from a retailer who really understands their computing needs.

Independent Retailer Month took place throughout July, the campaign aimed to help indie retailers create promotions, activities and events to encourage shoppers to not only visit their stores, but return to them in the future.

There’s still plenty of time to get in on the mini Christmas action, but remember, the student discounts don’t have to stop once school starts.

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