Prestigio launches new Intel Inside smartphone range; “There is still huge room for growth in this market,” says UK sales director Martin MacNamara

‘Indies can boost sales with smartphones’

Independent and PC retailers can take a larger slice of the smartphone market by selling sim-free unlocked devices, says vendor Prestigio.

The company is launching an Intel Inside range of smartphones, including the Multiphone 5430, as well as a full range of quad core tablets and smartphones for Q3 and Q4 this year.

“Right now we are selling a lot of unlocked sim-free phones, which provides a way for non-mobile retailers to get in on this business,” Martin MacNamara, UK sales director for Prestigio and parent distributor Asbis, told PCR.

“Why should a customer need to sign up to a further 24-month contract with their mobile operator when they can purchase outright their own sim-free unlocked Prestigio Multiphone and simply insert their existing sim card?

“There is still huge room for growth in this market, as although smartphone penetration in the UK is already at 50 per cent, I think this will continue to increase and the upgrade cycle will shorten.”

Tablets may be a growth category, but Prestigio expects to sell six times as many phones as it does tablets this year. It says it has sold more than one million tablets since it entered the market and is on course to reach the same number of smartphones in a quarter of the time.

Prestigio is pushing its line of Intel Inside smartphones, many of which include a leather case, pre-installed popular apps like Facebook and YouTube, as well as tutorial videos and the option to upgrade storage by inserting a MicroSD card. Prices range from £79.99 to £249.99.

“We have a large and ever expanding range of smartphones to meet every customer’s level, whether it’s an entry-level ‘first time’ smartphone to the latest ‘phablet’ with quad core processors,” added MacNamara.

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