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Lessons to learn from Twitter, Instagram hack, and Star Wars buffs – news from around the web

As a nation of smartphone users, we’re never ‘appier’ than when downloading an app (sincere apologies). As well as the usual gamut of smut enabling message apps and fruit murdering games, the market for kids apps is growing. However it’s shrouded in a bit of controversy since stories emerged that some littl’ns were racking up mega-bucks through in-app purchases. Licensing tackles the Apps for Children Conundrum.

Twitter will probably go down in history as a genuinely paradigm shifting platform in communication. Even your nan’s on Twitter now – but sadly so is an army of anonymous trolls waiting for you to log on, just so they can call you a ****** **** ***** ** as soon as you poke you’re head around the door.

There can also be pitfalls for celebrity endorsements that are revealed to be somewhat… fake – Toy News dives into More Tough Lessons to Be learned from Twitter.

In other social network news, looks like River Island and Jack Wills’ Instagram accounts have been hacked into, and are offering fake prizes. Check out the full story here – and enjoy the pun Insta-scam, via Mobile Entertainment.

Anyone keeping an eye on the upcoming reboot of Star Wars, reuniting old characters and promising a return to form for the classic sci-fi saga – you’re going to love this.

Wondering what characters will return and what the plot will be? Well, Bike Biz can exclusively reveal…. that you can now get your get your hands on Star Wars branded buffs – which are sort of scarf-like neck tubes to keep you warm whilst riding your bike. May the warmth be with you, or something.

Music news from Music Week now, and Creation Records founder Alan McGee – who if you don’t know is the guy who signed Oasis amongst other seminal bands – has revealed he turned down a six figure salary at Warner Music before setting up his new label 359 Records.

And finally, elsewhere in the world of music, Grammy Award winning engineer Ian Dowling remembers the good old days over at Audio Pro – or rather, attacks those that constantly do so. Worth a read.

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