App available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices

PayPal app lets Londoners ‘check in to pay’ on the High Street

PayPal’s ‘check in’ service has made its way to the UK, enabling shoppers to pay for things via their smartphone or tablet.

The first businesses to embrace the technology are cafes, restaurants and shops in the Richmond area. There’s even a hotel with PayPal compatibility too.

All consumers have to do is download the PayPal app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices and ‘check in’ to pay for goods in participating outlets, as long as the shop assistant verifies their identity from a photograph, which appears on the store’s mobile device at the till.

The app also lets users search the area for nearby shops and restaurants that accept the payment method.

This is a big step in the direction of the ‘wallet-less High Street’, with consumers only needing their phone when out shopping.

“Our Richmond initiative shows that innovation is alive and well on the British High Street,” said PayPal’s head of retail services Rob Harper.

Check out the video for PayPal’s introduction to Richmond High Street below:

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