New advert compares photographs taken by the two phones

Nokia Lumia 925 ad slams iPhone 5 camera

Nokia has released its new Lumia 925 advert, which takes yet another dig out of the iPhone 5’s camera.

Following Samsung’s only-old-people-like-Apple Galaxy advert and Microsoft’s Siri-is-a-dumbass Surface commercial, Nokia has joined in yet again by releasing the least subtle Apple-bashing offering yet.

The ad shows the same series of photos taken with both the Lumia 925 and the iPhone 5. Obviously the Windows Phone’s pics are all lovely and Instagram ready, while Apple’s snaps are blurry, dark or out of focus.

This isn’t the first Apple-bashing Nokia has done recently, last month is released an advert, also for the Lumia 925, depicting a bunch of Apple fans who have been turned into what can only be described as ‘iZombies’ due to the iPhone 5’s dependency on its camera flash.

Check out the new Nokia Lumia 925 ad below:

The conspiracy theories have already started on YouTube, with a number of people commenting on how the two shots of the skateboarder appear to have different weather conditions, which would make comparing the two photographs a bit pointless.

Of course, the fact that Nokia had to apologise for faking its Lumia 920 PureView advert isn’t helping matters.

The ad clearly implied that the footage of a girl riding a bike was being filmed by a person on another bike using a Lumia 920. Unfortunately for Nokia, someone spotted a window reflection that revealed a large rig, white van and cameraman holding an SLR camera.

So, is the new advert showing Nokia has learnt its lesson and going straight for the hardcore facts? Or, in the words of Coco Lenoix in Daivd Lynch’s mind-melting Mulholland Drive, it is more a case of ‘Honey, you’re a good kid, but what you’re telling me a load of horse puckey’?

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