Watch the live stream of the LG G2 smartphone launch here, and what specs, price, and release date we can expect

LG G2 smartphone launches tonight – watch it here

LG is set to launch its next flagship smartphone, the LG G2 this evening at an event in New York.

Like any gadget launch anyone vaguely gives a damn about, the road to release has of course been paved with leaks (the latest from Evileaks) and a fair dollop of speculation.

According to that, we can expect a 5.2-inch screen (putting it firmly on the large side of smart-blowers) with a 1080p display, Qualcom’s Snapdragon 800 processor (which is a bit of a powerhouse in the world of mobile chipsets, as far as any of them noticeably differ at the top end) and will be fairly thin, but not as thing as the Samsung Galaxy S4 (for whatever that’s worth).

It’s also supposedly supposed to use a nano-sim card, which most smartphones – with exceptions including the iPhone 5 and Asus Padfone – don’t.

The LG G2 launch event begins 4.00pm GMT, or 11.00am EST.

You can watch the launch on this page below, so get it bookmarked and we’ll see you later on. 

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