Gamers will be able to play SimCity across Mac and Windows

SimCity for Mac released August 29th

EA has announced that SimCity will be making its way on Mac on August 29th.

The Mac version of the game will be compatible across platforms, so players can join up to their Windows PC game and manage their cities from either one.

Those who already own a Windows version of SimCity will also be offered a free download of the Mac version through EA’s Origin service.

SimCity was originally supposed to launch on Mac on June 11th, but just a few days before the release, EA announced that the title would be postponed until late August, saying that the game was ‘not ready for primetime’.

When SimCity launched on Windows earlier this year, there were wide-scale reports of server crashes and the inability to access the game, something that it seems EA has made sure doesn’t happen with the Mac version.

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