Tablets hidden across the country can be found and won using Twitter and Google Maps

HP launches Slate 7 Twitter treasure hunt

HP has launched a treasure hunt to find a number of its Slate 7 tablets hidden around the UK.

With the help of Twitter and Google Maps, loot hunters can use the clues on offer to track down one of five prizes starting at an approximate location each day from August 5th to 16th.

Four cities will be included in the challenge, with London’s hunt taking place from August 5th to 7th, Manchester’s hunt is from 8th to 9th, Birmingham is offering up prizes from 12th to 14th and there’s a Slate 7 to be found in Glasgow from 15th to 16th.

To enter the treasure hunt, all you have to do is visit HP UK’s Facebook page, download the free app, and get tweeting using the hash tag #HPSlate7.

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