Free online platform lets PC retailers advertise their services to local customers

Field Nation’s ‘Facebook for indies’ launches in the UK

A new online website that connects retailers and businesses is about to launch in the UK.

Field Nation provides a single place for people to set up their business, find work and manage their opportunities. Sitting somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn, this business-based social network aims to help PC retailers increase their work opportunities through its marketplace section.

“PC retailers have a huge number of opportunities on Field Nation. The unique platform includes a marketplace where retailers can find commercial or residential computer repair and servicing opportunities in their areas,” CEO Mynul Khan told PCR.

As well as finding work, the platform includes peer-networking groups as well as the ability to learn, earn certifications and participate in a community with other similar users.

The free platform also includes its own payment system, so that service providers are paid as soon as the buyer has listed the work as approved.

“Field Nation is very optimistic about the opportunity in the UK and Europe, because matching available skill with immediate need and providing an easy way to manage the entire work flow process, from inception through payment, just makes sense,” added Khan.

“We are serious about offering the best location for skilled service professionals and the organisations that hire them, to continue their professional development.”

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