Plymouth is the least patient area in the UK

Average queuing time for UK shoppers is less than 6 minutes

A new study has found that UK shoppers are likely to give up and walk out after just five minutes and 54 seconds of queuing.

The survey, conducted by Omnico, found that 56 per cent of Brits would be less likely to return to a store if they’d had a bad queuing experience.

With 1,344 consumers surveyed, the research shows that the least patient area in the UK is Plymouth, with locals only willing to wait an average of four minutes 55 seconds before leaving the store.

Liverpool is the most patient city in the UK with shoppers willing to wait six minutes 47 seconds. Londoners are the fourth most impatient, only willing to wait five minutes 44 seconds.

“Queuing is a pet hate of many people in the UK and our research revealed the detrimental impact it has on retailers, both in terms of abandoned baskets and long term loyalty,” said Bill Henry, CEO at Omnico. “Retailers who focus on preventing abandoned baskets and customer walk-aways will see the compelling benefits to their bottom line.”

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