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Lego must be about the most enduring toy brand in history. It turns out the process of building things with blocks can be transferred to practically any subject – including sets from Twin Peaks, The Shining and The Only Way is Essex, as Toy News uncovers in its countdown of unlikely themes for a lego set.

Personally we’d like to see a Lego set based on the Micahel Fassbender movie Shame – but in lieu of that check out the full story on Toy News.

Facebook – everyone’s favourite delivery mechanism for pictures of not-even-that-nice-looking home made lasagnes – has launched Mobile Games Publishing, a service to help smaller developers get their apps noticed.

Facebook will take a bit of cash out of the developer’s pot, and in exchange dishes out analytics tools, advice and with promotions.

Mobile Entertainment has the full story.

Back in the day, all the video games were made by slightly eccentric enthusiasts in darkened bedrooms, not the multi-billion dollar empires that make your ultra-polished shooters like Call of Duty today.

True, that was when games basically consisted of a small number of sticks moving from one side of the screen to another, but this heritage of lower tech, smaller staffed gaming operations live on in the Indie community.

Sony, poised to launched the Playstation 4 later this year, is aiming to make easier for these guys to get noticed on its platforms, so says a Sony Big Cheese.

Check out the full interview on Develop.

Elsewhere in the gaming world, Nintendo’s latest console the Wii U has been performing undeniably worse than it’s forerunner, the Wii – which at its peak was a more popular Christmas day activity than stuffing uncomfortable portions of meat into one’s face and pretending the TV programmes are OK.

Can Nintendo turn around the fortunes of of its latest console in time for Christmas? Head over to MCV for an analysis.

Remember the Olympics? The flags, the pride, the obscure sports that seemed made up on the day? Well it’s all gone now. But there’s still licensing juice to be squeezed out. Victoria Pendleton – UK Olympic mega-medal winner – has thrown in with Halfords for a new range of girls bikes.

Check out the full story on Bike Biz.

And finally in the world of Music, Gary Numan, curator of electronic 80’s vibes like Cars, and London band The Rifles have signed to Cooking Vinyl.

For the full low down, check out Music Week.

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