Peli ProGear range is made of "engineering-grade" aluminium

Crushproof iPhone 5 cases launch

A new range of ‘crushproof’ iPhone 5 cases have launched in the UK, courtesy of Peli Products.

The firm produces protective cases and portable lighting systems, and is targeting retail with its Peli ProGear Vault and Peli ProGear Protector Series cases for the Apple iPhone® 5.

The CE1180 Peli ProGear Vault Series Phone Case (pictured) boasts engineering-grade aluminium and polymer materials, and protects the phone from rain, snow and dust, as well as providing shock and impact protection from a height of two metres.

A water-resistant membrane covers the microphone and speakers, while a screen cover with anti-scratch technology, an optical-grade Dragontrail glass camera port and stainless steel machine screws also feature. It’s available in a range of colours.

Piero Marigo, EMEA MD of Peli Products, told PCR: "We’re a very reputable world leader in protection and we have a lot to offer in the consumer space.

"IT retailers would be an ideal outlet to sell our smartphones and tablets."

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