Man is building an Aston Martin DB4 using his Solidoodler 3D printer

IN PICTURES: 3D printed car in production

Is this the world’s first 3D printed car? A New Zealand man is building a vehicle based on the Aston Martin DB4 using a 3D printer.

Ivan Sentch has already made a kit car using his Solidoodler 3D printer, now he’s working on a replica of the classic Aston Martin using a fiberglass mold.

He told Solidoodler he is using Autodesk 3DS Max for the slicing and AllyCad to print out MDF shapes onto paper.

3D printing has grown over the past few years, with firms such as MakieLab producing the first CE-certified 3D printed toys and handing custom dolls to Prince Harry and David Cameron.

Maplin will soon stock 3D printers priced at £699.99, with customers able to pre-order them now.

Check out more images of the 3D printed Aston Martin DB4 car here:

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