The Jubilee celebrations will last for two weeks

Guild Wars 2 to celebrate Queen Jennah’s ten-year reign on August 6th

AreaNet will host a Queen’s jubilee in Guild Wars 2 on August 6th, complete with a host of updates.

The Jubilee celebrations will offer players the chance to travel in hot air balloons, so they can fly to Divinity’s Reach for the Opening Ceremony, which will introduce a new gladiatorial arena.

The event, which celebrates Queen Jennah’s ten-year reign, will last for two weeks and will host a series of challenges and quests to help players earn new rewards.

These include fighting in the arena, igniting a series of beacons around Kryta and taking part in the Queen’s Gauntlet – a wave-based challenge where players fight a series of bosses in single-combat.

Those wishing to get a sneak peak of the action can watch the developer livestream at the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel on August 5th at 12pm PDT (7pm GMT).

Other elements being rolled out in the update include:

  • Permanent Finishers
  • PvP Solo Queue
  • World vs. World Supply Mastery
  • Improved Effects Level of Detail
  • Bonus Rewards for Dungeons
  • Mini-Game Rotation System
  • Champion Loot Updates
  • Account Wallet for Currency

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