Moto X will be the first flagship smartphone released by Motorola since Google acquired the firm

Google’s Moto X smartphone to launch on August 1st

The Moto X smartphone will be unveiled in NYC on Thursday August 1st.

It will be the first flagship smartphone to be released by Motorola since Google acquired the firm last year.

What we know – fact-wise – about the Moto X so far is that it will be the first smartphone assembled entirely in the USA. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside revealed this information during an interview with All Things Digital in May.

Regarding the phone’s features, Woodside said: “It’s going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the camera.”

On the rumour side of things, a leaked video allegedly featuring a Rogers representative turned up online earlier this month, implying that the phone would feature always-on voice command, active updates and the ability to access the phone’s camera with a flick of the wrist.

The Moto X is also rumoured to come with a 4.8-inch display and likely to run on Android 4.3.

As for the look of the Moto X smartphone, Google chairman Eric Schmidt was seen making a call on a mystery white phone with a Motorola logo earlier this month.

Check out the pictures below:

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