"Highly innovative product provides a fantastic attachment opportunity," says Jon Atherton

Entatech excited by Windows 8.1 launch opportunities

IT distributor Entatech is excited by Microsoft’s latest operating system update Windows 8.1 which launches later this year.

Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that development on Windows 8.1 would be completed by August, with all Windows based devices being pre-loaded with the update in time for Christmas, such as the range of Fujitsu Stylistic tablets which are supplied by Entatech.

Windows 8.1 boasts new features and functions and is optimised to work effectively on small devices like tablet PCs. A new search function brings a combined list of results from the user’s PC, apps and the web, while a slide-show function allows users to personalise their lock screen with their own images.

Windows 8.1 also provides the consumer with the ability to multitask – it has a side loading function where two applications can sit side by side on the same screen. Furthermore, a built-in SkyDrive storage system provides on-the-go file access – even when offline. A SkyDrive app also allows users to manage local and SkyDrive files in one location. 

For a Windows 8.1 preview, view the official demo video here: Entaonline.com/vendor-shop/microsoft-office/windows8.htm

Jon Atherton, Entatech Vice President, said: “This is going to be an exciting time for both Microsoft and Entatech. With Windows 8.1 launching, we will not only have the means on which to offer our resellers with a new, improved and highly innovative product, but it will also provide a fantastic attachment opportunity, which will allow us to further build on other areas of the business.”

Entatech says it’s one of the top selling distributors of Microsoft OEM in the UK.

To view a full range of products available from Entatech, including Microsoft software and Fujitsu tablets, visit Entaonline.com.

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