Half a million quit the online PC game in the last few months, but it's still the world's most popular MMORPG

World of Warcraft subscribers fall to 7.7m

The World of Warcraft subscriber base continued to fall during Activision Blizzard’s fiscal Q2 2013, down 600,000 players to 7.7 million.

In May the company announced that the online PC game had 8.3 million paying subscribers (as of March 213). At its peak in October 2010 the game had just over 12 million players.

Despite over half a million players leaving the game in the last few months, World of Warcraft is still the most popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).

The news was announced as part of Activision Blizzard’s plans to go independent. During Q2, the company expects to report GAAP net revenue of approximately $1.05 billion and non-GAAP net revenue of approximately $608 million. Full Q2 results will be published on August 1st, 2013.

World of Warcraft is free up to level 20, from which players must pay £8.99 per month to access the full game.

Developer Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier this month that a new World of Warcraft In Game Store will sell levelling-up items for real money.

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