Distributor says indies will benefit from additional margin and footfall

Target offers customers ‘huge margins’ on retail-packaged cables

Target Components has singed an exclusive deal with VCOM to distribute retail-packaged cables, which the distributor says offers huge margins.

Target believes independent retailers will benefit from the additional margin and footfall that comes with selling high quality, retail packaged cables, whilst still being considerably cheaper than the High Street chains.

Head of purchasing at Target, Kevin Barber, commented, “The margins made by the High Street chains on retail-packaged cables are huge. We want to give our customers the opportunity to do the same and still wipe the floor with them on price.

“End users are prepared to pay more for retail-packaged cables. A range of attractively packaged products from HDMI to USB and networking cables will drive traffic to the independent retailers in just the same way as they do to PC World etc.” he added,

“VCOM cables look great and will appeal not just to PC enthusiasts, but anyone who owns devices like TVs and games consoles.”

Find out more by visiting www.targetcomponents.co.uk.

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