A selection of popular games for Mac

PCR’s guide to games for Mac

Apple’s Mac devices aren’t typically viewed as high-end gaming machines. But gamers may be surprised to find a number of their favourite franchises readily available on the platform.

PCR takes a look at just a few of them…

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THEY SAY: Excalibur Publishing’s portfolio of games is predominantly made up by its simulation franchises that have proven popular amongst consumers. Titles such as Zoo Park, Circus World and Euro Truck Simulator cover a wide range of topics and in turn provide players with the opportunity to experience the kind of niche gameplay that is typically not available elsewhere. Without the need for cutting-edge graphic performance, the titles have become popular choices amongst entry-level gamers looking to play on the Mac OS X platform.

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THEY SAY: Take-Two Interactive has been responsible for a number of the most successful gaming franchises in history, with a resume boasting the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, Max Payne and Civilization. With a portfolio of titles spanning across multiple genres, the publisher has maintained success with consumers. Many of these titles are readily available on the Mac platform and provide the same high-level of gaming found on rival operating systems.

THEY SAY: Many of the Mac’s most popular gaming titles have been published by EA under its multiple labels. Both The Sims and SimCity franchises have proven hugely successful with gamers and have long been a staple of the Mac gaming scene, whilst the latest entry in the SimCity franchise is set to debut on the platform later this year. Meanwhile EA’s long-standing licences with the world’s leading sports have seen sports titles such as FIFA appear on the Mac platform.

THEY SAY: Blizzard’s portfolio of titles have generated a cult fanbase of gamers who value the publisher’s multi-platform approach. With its highly acclaimed series such as Diablo and StarCraft appearing on the Mac OS X platform, the publisher has maintained a high level of success for the franchises. Meanwhile, the availability of leading MMO title World of Warcraft on the platform is made by possible by the game’s playability on low-specced machines and has further contributed to the game’s active subscriber base of eight million players.

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THEY SAY: Both The Raven and The Walking Dead are episodic point-and-click adventure games – a format that is popular on the Mac platform. Initially available online with individual episodes released sequentially, both titles are set for bundle releases at retail. Similarly to other titles on the Mac OS X operating system, their lack of a need for cutting-edge hardware and gaming performance has led both titles to success amongst casual gamers.

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